Call to include a voluntary crediting system for sustainable renewable fuels into the vehicle CO2 regulations


Together with 220+ partners, we call on the European Commission to include a voluntary crediting system that acknowledges the contributions of sustainable renewable fuels such as biomethane and bioLPG for manufacturers' compliance with the CO2 emission vehicle fleet targets.

Westport Fuel Systems is helping vehicle manufacturers and end-users deploy clean transportation solutions that address climate change and urban air quality while reducing operating costs.



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World LPG forum


Inaugural International Autogas Day

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Focus Interview

EnergyTech Investor Discusses Westport Fuel Systems Leading Position as a Global Tier 1 OEM Supplier


EnergyTech Investor, an investor intelligence firm led by founding partner Shawn Severson, published a focus interview with Fabio Vesentini, Vice President, OEM Light Duty and General Manager, Emer Operations, which focused on Westport Fuel Systems light-duty OEM business, specifically the established product brands, Emer and BRC Gas Equipment and our leading position as a global Tier 1 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier for alternative fuel components and systems.

The interviews can be found and downloaded here:

Emer at GasShow in Warschau Poland on 7 and 8 April 2017


March 2017 - Westport Fuel Systems and Emer would like to invite you to come and visit us on 7 and 8 April at the GasShow 2017, the World's biggest LPG / CNG / LNG industry meeting taking place in Warsaw Poland.

This time we will disclose a lot of new technologies and products for LPG and CNG applications.

Emer will be together with other Westport Fuel Systems companies presented in Hall 1, Stand L1.

Please send a mail to for a meeting request at the booth.